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Welcome to the best source for authentic original Garnier Limb® TreeHouse Attachment Bolts!
Never accept more expensive substitutes with any other name.

TreeHouse Construction Parts Price List, click HERE for NEW online ordering system.

Remember all Garnier Limbs® (GLs) are Treehouse Attachment Bolts (TABs) but not all TABs are GLs!

We ask you to please email or call 541-592-2206 and ask for Michael to order what you can not at the link above~
Preferring it to online ordering for his products, this way he can confirm you get what best suits your needs. If you already know what you want and are in a hurry, you can call 541-592-2208 and give the treehouse reservation fairies your order along with your billing and shipping info between 9am to 5pm Pacific time.  

Payment policy is in advance using Mastercard and Visa over the phone. Order will be shipped within 24 hours after confirmation of payment. Shipping cost you pay is $5 per Garnier Limb® (GL) for orders of four (4) or more. We do ship overseas. Returns must be approved over the phone by Michael and a 25% re-stocking fee will be charged, you pay any return shipping cost. (We recomend USPS flat rate box)

Have a really BIG project?
We are pleased to offer special pricing for batch orders of 30 or more, please allow some time to fill such a large order as stock on and may be limited, again, call Michael. Discounts to posted per piece price can start for over 10 pieces, talk to him.

For official GL installation instructions and to watch the new instructional videos please click: Garnier Limb® Installation
Here is an excellent article on installation by John Carberry: click here
Video tutorials from the World Treehouse Conference 2014 available: part 1, part 2, part 3

Announcing No Bits Without Bolts Policy!
Our Rental and Purchase bits are intended for use by GL applications from us and are not suitable for other brands dimensions, it may work for them, but you will have an inferior fit, ultimately not good for anyone. We have ours made to the exact specification needs of the true original Garnier Limb®, nothing we have seen works better for both the life of the tree and the construction you build than our combination of bit and bolt.

post bullet 1 step 3 stage GL Bit New: $350
2 step GL Bit Set: $150
(two piece bit and boss drill guide sets)

The GL Bit  takes the guess work out of linning up the different sizes of bits so you get maximum weight bearing capacity out of you Garnier Limb®.


 1 step 3 stage GL Bit rental: $50
 1 step 3 stage GL used Bit deposit: $300
 2 step GL bit rental: $30
 2 step GL bit deposit: $150


Basically you buy the bit and when you are done with it send it back and we refund your deposit minus the rental.

GL Bit 01
1 step 3 stage GL bit 
(click images for better view)
bit set
2 step 2 stage GL bits

  Garnier Limb® (GL) Standard:  $70
(6" Perch/ 1" boss) 4140 annealed steel quenched and tempered R-28-32 hardness
»Throw into tree is 5-1/4", same for all GL's®, only length of perch for attachments differ.

Get 5 minutes of consultation with each nut you buy for your GL, here we make sure you get the right parts!

GarnierLimb 01

 Standard Yellow zinc Plate:  $80
4140 annealed, quenched and tempered, certified R-28-32 hardness.
Engineering report on this model available at:
Stress Analysis Report Garnier Limb®

 Heat Treated Yellow zinc Plated:  $90
4140 annealed steel, certified R-32-36 hardness.
(both zinc plated GL perch are standard 6")

Recommended for any application where there is cyclical loading (high horizontal wind loading), also holds more weight in harder woods like oaks.

cad plate standard

hardened cad plate

  9" Garnier Limb® (GL) NEW in 2014!
    9" Pirch/ 1" boss
4140 annealed steel- $80

 9" Pirch Yellow zinc Plate:   certified R-28-32 hardness- $90 

 9" Pirch Yellow zinc Plate:   certified R-32-36 hardness- $100 

 Extra bosses availabe $10-$25, only one zinc plate is pictured because they look identical.


 18" Long Garnier Limb®: $100
(12" Perch/ 1'' boss) annealed.


 18" Long Garnier Limb®: $110
Yellow zinc plate, certified R-32-36 hardness.
(12" Perch/ 1'' boss)

  18"x 2 b Long GL: $120
Yellow zinc plate, certified R-32-36 hardness.
(11" Perch/ 2" of boss)

  18" x 4 b Long GL: $135
Yellow zinc plate, certified R-32-36 hardness.
(9" Perch/ 4" of boss)

12x1 Garnier Limb!

 long GL cad plated

long GL w 2

 long GL w 4

  Garnier Limb® Short: $80
(3" Pirch/ 1" boss) 4140 annealed steel

Mostly used for attaching cables to, two and a half times stronger than a 1-1/4" lag bolt.

GL shorty


Nut (plate): $5.00 includes 5 minutes of consultation with each GL.

plain nut
   Nut Loop: $30
   Great for cable suspension attachments.
NutLoop 01

  Loop Extension: $35 
This turns a Standard GL into one with a 12'' perch and a attachment point for a suspender.

NutLoop Extension 01

Long Perch Suspender:  $75 (recycled cable and clips) $100 (all new parts),
Parts consist of 3' of 3/8"cable, clips or swages, 5/8'' turnbuckle, 1"x10" lag bolt.

Used for supporting the load when you have extended it further from the tree to allow for more growth, decreases the cantilever effect.


 More pics soon!suspenders02

Large Lag Bolts
1" x 8"_______ $20
1.25" x 10" ______$25

Lag bolts are not as versatile and do not hold up near the loads that GLs do. GLs are designed to hold the load out away from the tree in shear. The standard GL knee brace holds the wooden load out away from the tree, the load is mostly in compression. Michael does not rate or recommend using the lag for knee braces but others in the industry do.

The 1'' lag can be used to attach the wooden knee brace directly to the tree and used for attaching the suspender to the tree, but again does not hold near as much load as a GL.

lag bolts1a


 Radial Spline: $60, normally used with a knee-brace, holds a horizontal beam at the tree.

Radial Spline bracket



GL standard Knee Brace: $60 for 4X4 or 4X6 light duty

                                            $75  4X6 heavy duty

GL knee bracket

 1/2 of a Compound Double Knee: $75
 Made to order as two; a 'right' and 'left' pair oriented as you face the tree.
But you may order two rights, two lefts, or one single either right or left configuration.

Compound Double knee bracket


 1/2 of a Double Knee Brace: $60
Designed for use individually and in tandem, click HERE for more views!



DoubleKnee 01



 Metal Adjustable Knee Bracket: $150
    (Price with out GL's pictured.)

This bracket is used when you need more weight bearing capacity for a point load. 

Used for supporting the load when you have extended it further from the tree to allow for more growth, decreases the cantilever effect.

also doubles the horizontal load bearing capacity (high wind loads)

adjustable bracket

 Fixed Beam bracket: $50

   Used for any time you have a knee brace attached to same tree and to stabilize a platform that has more than one attachment point. If you have 4 trees you can have one tree that is fixed. Usually the largest and one that moves the least. The others need to be sliding so all trees independently from each other. 

comes in, 2" and 3" for standard spacing from tree. custom spacing available. 


 Sliding Beam brackets;
Click image for more views.

standard $50 for larger trees closer to the ground

UHMW Slider $60 medium trees medium height less noise 

Super: $100 for larger tree houses higher in the trees



 Detailed 12' TreeZebo plans: $150
Other simple treehouse plans range: $120 to $450

Prices include some consultation time according to complexity of design, for more details please check our new Plans Page.

Your own simple plans reviewed @ $1 a minute or $50~
email: Michael

Normal consultation rate is $60 an hour.




 Introducing the Garnier 10' Zip Perch!
Complete Zip Perch Platform Package: $4,000
10' octagon includes all hardware.
domestic shipping: $350.00
Rated for 10 occupants all at once, makes an excellent zipline platform or simple hang out. This pic was taken in a fitting process close to the ground, final installation can be anywhere up the tree, click it to see more views.
In Tree (3) models;
3. 1 support by 4 GL's. 2 GL's at platform base, 2 GL's for 4 knee braces
3. 2 support by 4 GL's. 2 GL's at platform base, 2 GL's above for 4  cables
3. 3 non penetrating, 4 compression points at platform base, two slings above for 4 cables
Discounts available for orders of multiple units, talk to us!

Click TreeHouse Zip Platforms for more perch views

10 ft zip platform

 Portable Zip Perch and Hunting Stand Package: $1,500
It is 3/8ths of an 8' octagon platform, attaches to tree trunk with 2 ratchet straps included. One (1) alone makes an excellent roomy (and most sturdy) hunting stand, Two (2) used in tandem make an awesome portable Zip Perch no tools required!

domestic shipping: $150 to $200

Click TreeHouse Zip Platforms for more perch views.

hunting stand illustration

 Assorted and custom GL brackets, call or email for price quotes!



Our treehouse parts, supplies and Other Sources Page!


custom bracket 
assorted & custom:
doublecable app

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